KINSA is going off-line

logo-circleWe, the volunteers behind KINSA, are sad to report that KINSA is shutting its doors.

The fight against the exploitation of children continues, but we will be using other vehicles to do it.

Simply put, our charity has run out of steam.  After more than a decade of fighting, our volunteers – and in particular our founding CEO, Paul Gillespie, has decided to fight for kids in other ways.

To our donors and friends, we will be issuing our last round of tax receipts soon.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Michael Ras, Acting CEO, at 647-228-2339 or email him at


To the media:   KINSA will no longer be commenting on child exploitation matters.


Thank you to all of our supporters over the many years.  This site will go dark in a few months.