The KINSA Story

logo-circleThe KINSA LYNX – An Icon of Agility

The KINSA Lynx symbolises our relentless quest to rescue children from harm and track down offenders.

A master seer gifted with the instincts of observation, perception, and foresight and found in many nations, the Lynx is a natural hunter and will not rest until it finds its prey.

KINSA’s Lynx-sense is expressed in three words: Protect, Prevent, Prevail.

What We Do

KINSA’s work is built on three pillars of training, advocacy and collaboration.
Our goals are to:

  • Deliver world-class training to cyber police to rescue children, capture offenders and shut down their online networks
  • Provide global leadership through education and advocacy
  • Extend our reach by leveraging strategic partnerships

It is upon this foundation that we work toward achieving our vision and mission.


Our vision is to set all children free from online exploitation.


Our mission is to continue to PROTECT children, PREVENT further harm and PREVAIL over offenders.

lynx-circleWho is KINSA?

The Kids’ Internet Safety Alliance, KINSA, was established in response to the serious increase in child exploitation material found on the Internet. As law enforcement agencies around the world began investigating the alarming volume of this material, they faced technological and investigative challenges that required a new approach to policing.

Established in 2004 by former Toronto police officer Paul Gillespie and Bill Hutchison, a leader in the global IT industry, KINSA has worked tirelessly to build a multi-faceted global network of experts in law enforcement, prosecution, legislation, and the IT sector. This important collaboration continues to enable KINSA to provide cutting-edge technology, investigative techniques, resources and support to law enforcement around the world.

KINSA is committed to nourishing new and existing partnerships to ensure we maximise results.